Our staff has a combined 5 decades of experience, serving national corporate clients, small to medium businesses and single door installations. Academy Security Group is the best choice for smart, fully-integrated security systems and solutions.

An access control and Modern Locking Solution Service and Installation Provider

Specializing in merging traditional locksmith services with modern access control solutions to minimize the transitional impact on retail and commercial businesses. This is done by having an in depth understanding of the security needs and demands of today’s businesses while understanding the modern access control solutions in place and the innovative solutions that are now available. We have a modern perspective on security and we handle all facets of corporate-grade property security. We’re a nationwide leader in loss prevention systems for corporations both large and small. Get the advantage today with ASG to ensure that your business locations are safe.

Experience at Your Service

Nationwide Commercial Access Control Specialists
Now more than ever companies like yours are looking to reduce their maintenance cost. ASG will not only reduce cost, but we will also make sure you spend less time dealing with your physical security needs. Just give us a call today at 469-656-4094 and learn more about what we can do for you.

Texas Locksmith Electronic Access License Number: B15818901

Full Service Security Solution

Academy Security Group is a nationwide provider of corporate security solutions. We work with businesses in all 50 states and we provide customized, full-scale security solutions to some of the largest corporations in the country. We provide solutions for access control, CCTV, loss prevention systems, door services, and beyond. Whatever your security needs are, Academy Security Group can create the ideal solution for you.
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